Welcome to the offical site of

Movement For Islamic Awareness Through Information technology


...creating Islamic awareness using Information technology as the tool

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Welcome to the offical site of

Movement For Islamic Awareness Through Information technology


...creating Islamic awareness using Information technology as the tool

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Movement for Islamic Awareness Through Information Technology otherwise known as MIATIT is an Islamic organization with the primary of educating the mis-informed society regarding Islam by using information communication technology as the tool.

The organization which was founded in the year 2009 focuses primarily on the average Muslim youth. We are not an Asalatu group and thus membership is opened to all graduate and highly enlightened Muslims. Membership is drawn mainly from tertiary institutions and some corporate bodies. A member of MIATIT must be between 18 and 45 years of age.

Each member is expected to be computer literate and in any case where such a person is found not to be, the organization would assist in the training of such a person.

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A forum solely dedicated to the Holy Month of Ramadan. Through this medium you learn more about Islam, particularly things relating to the Holy month as well as test your knowledge regarding Islam and also win gifts


This is an extension of the Ramadan Daily Quiz. Rather than wait till only when the Holy month beckons again, we test our Islamic knowledge on Fridays only and also win fantastic gifts and cash prizes.


This is a medium where members of the Islamic Ummah, particularly our members can request for duas and prayer assistance in relation to virtually anything from some of our in-house Islamic scholars .

Muslim Undergraduate-Graduate Training Scheme

Muslim Undergraduate-Graduate Training Scheme (MUGTS) is a project aimed at equipping the average Muslim youth to cope with the challenges posed by the 21st century, particularly in this part of the world.

The MIATIT caring Group

The MIATIT Caring Group (TMCG) was born out of the need to be our brother’s keeper. The primary aim is to assist in catering for the financial needs of every registered member as well as those outside the platform, in our own little way.


Our membership is opened to ONLY Muslim youths both within and outside Nigeria who are either undergraduates, graduates or self-employed. We take computer literacy as a top priority as every registered member MUST be computer literate.

support us

We welcome donations and support in any form from well meaning Nigerians in the Muslim community to assist us in successfully executing many of the lofty projects we have embarked upon.


A compendium of short essays, commenting on some of the ills bedeviling the Muslim community and solutions to some of these shortcomings, written by the National Coordinator of MIATIT.


Download Islamic lectures from top Islamic scholars across the globe like the renowned Dr. Bilal Philips. You can also download materials like e-books, audio files, video files and a host of others.


Afiz Banjo


MIATIT is a unique Islamic organization which is out there basically to develop every Muslim in understanding Islam. Alihamdulilah for being a student of MIATIT. Jazakum Lahu Khairan

Wasiu Jamiu Adewale


I need to confess, Miatit Intl has really done a lot in the life of we the participants and the society at large, the Ramadan quiz competition has really given us the opportunity to dabble into many things. We go into research of what we don’t know or not heard before, if we are right we would still be compensated despite the fact that it’s for our own good. Also, if we are wrong we would still be corrected and be rest assured that you win one day. I don't even know how to describe how this platform has really helped in gaining many things such as knowledge and money.

Nofisat Muraina Olamide


Please I want to implore every one of us to make use of this question and answer segment as a learning place. We all shouldn't see it as winning a recharge card or some sort. Please I implore us all. May Allah (SWT) make it easy for everyone of us.... Jazakumullah khayran to all the brain behind this...May Allah reward every one of us.

Tope Olorunloba


Ever since it's introduction into the Nigeria Muslim community almost a decade ago, the organization has massively changed the lives of so many Muslim youths through the different empowerment programmes they have embarked upon.


A compendium of short essays on some of the ills bedeviling the Islamic world.

Who should lead Solat?

It is not the length of the beard or the age of an individual which qualifies him as an Imam. This is often the criteria used in many of our mosques. Some people have even turned it into a family thing. The moment the Imam dies, the son or any other member of the family steps in. Even if your family built it, it still doesn’t guarantee any member of the family an automatic slot... Read More

Don't Judge a Book by its Cover

In this life I have come to realise that some people have good aura while it is the opposite for others. The one with the bad aura comes into the room and everybody instantly dislikes him for no reason. Even with his good looks and seemingly good character, he is detested like a skunk. The one with good aura on the other hand is loved the moment he comes in contact with people... Read More

Gossiping and Backbiting

Gossiping otherwise known as backbiting or slandering is a grave sin in Islam. Even though it is an evil, yet it is common everywhere. Although it is needless to say, we are all guilty of this crime some more than the others. Gossiping is present everywhere and some people openly admit that if it weren't for gossiping it would be hard to come up with an exciting conversation. ... Read More

Between Wealth and Paradise

Two months before my father's demise, three of my younger brothers and I had gone visiting him at my elder brother's residence. He had informed us that in one of his Ruya, he was taken to Barzakh, where a wall was broken and from which came out lots money. He said he was asked by the divine being to choose between it and a good life in the hereafter for his generations and those yet unborn .He opted for the latter instead. Virtually every one of us present was ... Read More

Changing Our Attitudes

Recently, while chatting with a close friend on a popular social forum, who like so many Nigerians see the late Sanni Abacha (the head of the military junta) as a bad leader. I tried to let him see the fact that the late head of state or any other bad leader we may have or might have had is not the real issue here. The real problem is we ourselves. We as a people are filled with wickedness and selfishness. Wickedness blossoms in our midst. We worship iniquity ... Read More

Inconsistencies in Prayer Times

The mosque in the next street observes the Zuhr prayer quarter past one. The one in my street observe its own quarter to two. And on the radio, the call to prayer is done at exactly 2pm.

On Friday, the time inconsistencies continue. Some mosques observe their own Jumu'ah between 1.25 and 1.30 pm; some observe theirs at the top. of the hour while some even take it as far as 3pm ... Read More