Changing Our Attitudes.

Recently, while chatting with a close friend on a popular social forum, who like so many Nigerians see the late Sanni Abacha (the head of the military junta) as a bad leader. I tried to let him see the fact that the late head of state or any other bad leader we may have or might have had is not the real issue here. The real problem is we ourselves. We as a people are filled with wickedness and selfishness. Wickedness blossoms in our midst. We worship iniquity like a deity. And Allah has promised that He would only give a society like ours filled with wicked people, a wicked leader.

De Tocquievelle also said, "in every democracy, the people get the government they deserve". We truly deserve the kind of leaders we get. The people are so selfish and myopic so much that they only wish for their own survival and their loved ones. Hardly can you find someone who truly loves his neighbour more than himself just as the Prophet (peace be upon him) has commanded. Even our homes are sapped of love. And to worsen it, a Yoruba adage says, "when fire consumes you and consume your child, you save yourself first". Why not the child first?

Until we begin to truly love one another, we may never get it right in this country.

May Allah fill our hearts with love.