In this life I have come to realise that some people have good aura while it is the exact opposite for others. The one with the bad aura comes into the room and everybody instantly dislikes him for no reason. Even with his good looks and seemingly good character, he is detested like a skunk. The one with good aura on the other hand is loved the moment he comes in contact with people. Even if he is a monster, people still love him all the same.

It is not our fault if somebody is naturally disliked by people but we as Muslims should not be in the habit of having any form of hatred for anybody for no just cause. People may say nasty things about others but we as devout Muslims should refrain from jumping into any unnecessary conclusions until we do our findings. And even when we have enough facts to nail such a fellow to the coffin we should be extremely careful in our actions. It may just be the bad aura working against them. Many have been castigated and crucified for no just cause due to this.

May Allah remove bad aura from those who have it and make them cherished everywhere they go.